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marți, 27 martie 2012

Homewrok for XIIB--deadline 3rd of April 2012

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades (marks) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. 

Please submit your answers by April, the 3rd, 2012, by means of comments (don't forget to sign them, so that I can realise who is the author). Do not write more than 300 words in your answers. For further information on how to structure the answers, you may find inspirations in  argumentative essay writing.
I will appreciate it if you send your answers as comments to this post.
I will not take into consideration the answers submitted later than this deadline.

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  1. Grades (marks) encourage students to learn

    I think this is a good question about the students. Many of them have their own ambitions and goals to achieve but I think that the notes received,greatly influences.

    For example I can tell you from experience that a good student who receives an unjust grade from his point of view may be tempted not to teach thinking "what's the point to learn this, if not get what I deserve" or learn more thinking "if so not enough how I learn to get the highest grade, then I learn more" In most cases the lowest grades in students are unable to feel they can excel but push them to learn more.

    In other words, high grades given for nothing,make the students not to study.I say this because a student sees that gets high note even if you do not learn, he says there's no need to do,as long as you have those notes.
    It is true that teachers are sometimes put in difficulty in these cases, because good or bad grades, influence students but not always positively as they would want to all.

    In conclusion, it is best for students to receive grades on merit and when it's time to be helped by teachers but not by increasing notes but by advice.
    I think, it's not the notes but student character to be the best.

    Muntean Aliss Alexandra of XII-B

  2. I think that the students notes is an assessment,so the students can know how ready is when looking at his notes.
    The notes of a student show how good he is in different subjects and can see the disciplines in that are better
    and are less well,so he knows in what he is good and in which can study more.
    The student who wants a certain statute in school and see that notes are not so large as other students,this problem can do to want to get much higher grades than those who somehow exceeded him.
    On the other hand even if the student feels unjustified for notes,in time understand that learning can reach the high notes without fear for them be unjustified,because when you feel sure that managed to accumulate and learn,knows that no matter how hard it seem to get some notes on the right or not,when learned can be sure that he can not fail because it is ready for anything.
    In conclusion,notes are an encouragement to students, as they often feel offended that are not the same mean and prizes as colleagues,so it's definitely not just a simple notes of students evaluation, but is what the students knows and if are ambitions then are more interested about high grades.

    Oana Gabriela


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